Arrivals & Dismissals


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All students who walk to school or who are dropped off may not arrive at school until after 8:45 am. Students may be dropped off in the designated areas of the parking lot (see diagram on the next page). Please note that these areas are for drop off only.  Cars are prohibited from parking in these areas as well as the bus lane.  When dropping your child off, we ask that you pull up as far as possible along the curb, so that others may pull forward to drop off their child(ren) as well (do not stop directly in front of the door, please pull all the way forward to avoid any traffic backup).  If you need to exit your vehicle, please park in a designated parking space.  Also, please pay close attention to the arrows that have been painted in the lot directing the flow of traffic (especially during high traffic times). *The blue arrows included on the diagram should help you better visualize the correct flow of traffic.

Upon their arrival, all students immediately enter the school building (K-2 students by Door # 3 and 3-5 students by Door # 2).  Members of the school staff will be located at each door to supervise the students at 8:45, as they enter the building.  *Please note… When there is inclement weather, all students may enter through Door # 2 (after 8:45), since this is closer to the curbside drop off. 

At the end of the school day, walkers (and students who are picked up) are dismissed from the following doors: Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd Grade; Door #3: 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, and 5th Grade - Door # 2.
  If you are picking up your child, please adhere to the same guidelines as indicated for drop off (see diagram on the next page).  If you are simply picking up your child and will not be getting out of your car (grades 3-5), please pull all the way up along the curb and wait for your child in your car (do not block the walking lane and please be careful when pulling out). If you need to exit your vehicle to pick up your child, please park in a designated parking spot.  Keep in mind that there is additional parking on Winfield Avenue.  Consider parking there and walking along the path to pick up your child in the afternoon; especially if you will be staying with your child by the playground area after dismissal. Also, please pay close attention to the arrows that have been painted in the lot directing the flow of traffic (especially during high traffic times). The blue arrows included on the diagram should help you better visualize the correct flow of traffic.

Students, who have not been picked up by 3:30 PM, will be escorted to an area by the Main Office to wait to be picked up by a parent/guardian. 

Be sure to fill out the Dismissal Form indicating the proper method of dismissal for your child.  Also, remember to notify the school in writing if your child’s dismissal routine changes during the course of the school year. Siblings in upper grades will be dismissed with their younger brother or sister at the designated time and through the appropriate door.

Bus students assemble in and are dismissed from the all-purpose room; exiting the building through the main doors.
Other Safety Reminders:

1. Walking Lanes have been painted on the parking lot (on the diagram they are identified as green lines with smiley faces).  Please walk with your child inside these lanes as you are moving throughout the parking lot.  This will help ensure that everyone is safe when walking to or from the car. Drivers, please yield to those individuals as they cross the parking lot to the school building or to their cars at the end of the day. 
2. Do not let your child(ren) walk through the parking lot during arrival or dismissal unaccompanied by you or some other adult.
3. Drive slowly and anticipate that a person may be walking through the parking lot.
4. The children are not permitted to play 4-Square, basketball, or any other games in the parking lot area during arrival or dismissal time.

5. The children are not permitted to play on the playground equipment during dismissal time.
6. I
n the event that snow piles build up around the parking lot, do not allow your child to climb up on the piles. 7.When crossing Edwards Road, please do so by the Crossing Guard.

Please remind your child (in grades 3-5) that he or she must stand by the wall on a yellow marked spot - appropriately distanced from others - near Door # 2, while waiting for you to pick him or her up at dismissal.  

*The diagram below is intended to help ensure the safety of our children and provide a more efficient means of dropping off and picking up our children. It is important that we all follow the traffic pattern within the parking lot area; especially during dismissal time. Please take notice of the blue arrows which indicate the direction that the cars should travel in the school parking lot.  Two lanes have been created to ease the flow of traffic (these are marked on the parking lot).  One lane is for Drop Off / Pick Up (parents or guardians who are not getting out of the car) while the other lane is for Thru Traffic (parents or guardians seeking a parking spot or exiting the lot).  Also, please take notice of the designated crossing areas.  Please, when walking through the parking lot, remain in these designated areas. This will help ensure the safety of everyone. Thank you in advance for exhibiting patience and serving as an appropriate role model for all of the children to follow. 

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